The Fox

Goch history meets Street Art festival 2020 organized by Benjamin Taag and the Heimatverein Goch e.V.
A historical scavenger hunt to understand the historical background

ARDIF is a French artist who deals with the mechanics behind living matter. 

In his drawings he mostly transforms animals into mechanical beings. His beings are in fact divided into two parts. While one half shows a naturalistic representation, the other half is a transformation into a curious machine in nested architecture. 

This juxtaposition creates an interesting tension and invites you to take a closer look. ARDIF enlarges its drawings and brings them to the street as paste-ups. In Paris, its semi-mechanical animals have become an integral part of the cityscape.
Created on August 7, 2020Removed
Roggenstraße 42, 47574 Goch, Deutschland
Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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