L'isola dei vivi

Ozmo is inspired by the famous Isle of the Dead by Arnold Bocklin, a Swiss painter and one of the main exponents of German symbolism. The original work, which is highly symbolic, has inspired numerous paintings, literature and music, as well as many personalities such as Lenin, Freud, D'Annunzio, Rachmaninov and others. There were five versions of this fascinating work, one of which was destroyed during the Second World War, and it was followed by a more joyful version called The Island of the Living, populated by animals and plants. In Ozmo's Island of the Living, on the other hand, we find bright colours and a joyful, cheerful and POP atmosphere (thanks also to elements such as the rainbow) typical of the Tuscan artist's poetics. 
Created on August 27, 2021
Lungolago Don Bosco, Maroggia, Switzerland

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