Schlachthof in the jungle

The SchlachtHof and its beer garden, the "SchlachtGarten", have stood for urban, cosmopolitan flair with a variety of events since 2010. Weekend after weekend, DJs and musicians from all over the world, who are often known far beyond Germany's borders Years ago, there is a monthly party presented by the radio station WDR Cosmo (formerly Funkhaus Europa) In summer, the club's party concept is rounded off by events such as the open-air cinema and summer concerts in the battle garden.

Alex Weigandt born 1983 in Pavlodar Kasahstan emigrated to Germany to the city of Monheim am Rhein at the age of 10. As a teenager he came into contact with graffiti, inspired by comics, he combined several techniques with classical painting. 

After completing his training as a surface coater, he began studying communication design in 2013. 

Since then he has been increasingly involved in illustration, videos, 3D animation and graphic design. In 2017 he founded the two-man design agency "Tubuku" with Jaroslaw Masztalerz, with a focus on facade design.

Jaroslaw Masztalerz was born in Wroclaw (Poland) in 1984. In 1989 he emigrated to Monheim in Germany with his parents and older sister. After attending the Lotten elementary school, he went to the Monheim comprehensive school until he graduated from high school. He noticed early on that he was fond of creative work. In his youth he played with his hip-hop band "Dreista". Where he acted as both a rapper and a producer. At the same time he discovered the joy of graffiti painting through his cousin in Poland.

At first only on the sheet of paper, but then also at night on noise protection walls and bridges. After his community service in the kitchen in an old people's home, he began teaching physics and art history in Wuppertal, which he broke off to study communication design in Krefeld.Since 2010 he has worked as a freelancer in various agencies until in 2017 he founded the agency "TUBUKU" together with Alex Weigandt. 

Since then, the now 36-year-old has been traveling all over the country to give buildings new shine. According to the motto "Give the world color and it will no longer see black"
Created on May 17, 2018
Dießemer Str. 9, 47799 Krefeld, Deutschland
Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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