Bright Eyes


Bright Eyes featuring James Dunn and Shirley Temple was the first movie shown in the Strand Cinema when it first opened in 1935. Now more than a cinema it’s an arts centre central to the East Belfast Community and still going strong today 

When the Strand's heritage officer found a big box of old 3D glasses from 'A Nightmare on Elmstreet 6 - Freddy's Nightmare (in 3D)' in the attic @daisychaininc thought it would be cool to get Emic to revisit his 3D period and what a result! 

Call into the Strand and borrow some 3D glasses for the full effect.
Created on July 29, 2021
65 Pims Ave, Belfast BT4 1PJ, UK

Hunted by Adam Turkington.

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Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited Kingdom