New Wave

“Rhine Side Gallery” as part of the Krefeld change of perspective under the artistic direction of Fredda Wouters from Kevelaer in coperation with Uerdinger Kaufmannsbund e.V. and city marketing Krefeld.

This place is very popular in Krefeld, because the beach bar is really nice and running by the Uerdinger Kaufmannsbund e.V.
Victor Puzin is a graphic designer and 3D street artist and was born in 1983 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
As a graffiti artist, he made his first steps in the art world in 1997.
After studying graphic design, he opened his own art studio called Paintpoint for indoor and outdoor graphic design and painting in 2009.
For 4 years he has also specialized in the design of 3D street paintings in a very geometric style. He has already participated in numerous international street art festivals and, together with his partner Marya Kudasheva, organized the first intrenational 3D street art festival in Riga in 2016. He is currently studying architecture in Saint Petersburg.
Created on July 14, 2017
Am Zollhof 6, 47829 Krefeld, Deutschland

Hunted by Raphael Mellen.