"Untitled", Seidenweberhaus, Krefeld by Daniele Lazazzara and Martino Larocchia Martino Pitture from Acquaviva near Bari as part of the "Silk City Gallery"  and the Krefeld change of perspective under the artistic direction of Fredda Wouters from Kevelaer.

Both artists are autodidacts, this would have pleased Beuys, as everyone knows there is an artist in each one!On the right we see Beuys with a long neck, which probably stands for his foresight in art and its development, but also gives the impression of a shaman.We are familiar with his spectacular action “How to explain the pictures to the dead rabbit” from 1965, but there is a decisive difference here, the rabbit is alive! And Beuys explains art to him. But since the rabbit was a symbol of rebirth for Beuys, it fits again because for him animals are representatives for everything supersensible, i.e. everything transcendent and spiritual.To the left is the hare explaining nature to the dead Beuys. More precisely, a futuristic kangaroo the likes of which the world has never seen could almost have sprung from Dali's or Picasso's brush.

And I see that too, a distant future in which homo sapiens no longer has any meaning. Nature has won over man, but man has probably conquered himself.Beuys saw the meaning of nature as Cameron did in Avatar, trees heal our souls, everything in nature has a spiritual substance without which we cannot exist.The silk weaver's house, this huge concrete block stands in stark contrast to nature, one can only hope that when the square is planned, more nature will move back into the city center!
Created on July 24, 2021
Theaterpl. 1, 47798 Krefeld, Deutschland
Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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Camera usedPanasonic DMC-TZ31
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