Work done by Faust for the 1st Juvignac Urban Art Festival 34 Degres curated by LineUp UrbanArt.
5 Montpellier based artists 5 works of art in the Montpellier neighborhood village of Juvignac. This was a great initiative of the association Line Up for the end of France's 3rd COVID lockdown.
Faust is a young illustrator, paiter an graphics designer based in Montpellier. They have a very realistic and also dreamlike graphic universe  . They often draw colorful if ever slightly damaged  aimals  that testify to the degradation of things and the time that passes, between fatality and poetry.
Faust's contribution is painted in an ATM machine box smack in the "center" of Juvignac, close to Place  du Soleil. It's very easy to go check out this and Mr Difuz wall in Juvignac. Just get on tram number 3 and go all the way to the final stop "Juvignac" . Faust painted several of their very characterist animals in 3 of the Cash Point  box walls. They are the cutest!

Instagram Faust: https://www.instagram.com/faust_graphics/
Faust site: https://faustgraphics.bigcartel.com/
Instagram 34 Degres: https://www.instagram.com/34degres/
Instagram LIneUp: https://www.instagram.com/lineup_urbanart/
Created on June 24, 2021
340 Rue Callisto, 34990 Juvignac, France
Hunted by Movie Scientist.
Pictures by MovieScientist.

Marker details

Date created2021-06-24T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedApple iPhone XR
Marker typeartwork