34 Degres_Salamech

Work done by Salamech for the 1st Juvignac Urban Art Festival 34Degres curated by LineUp UrbanArt.
5 Montpellier based artists 5 works of art in the Montpellier neighborhood village of Juvignac. This was a great initiative of the association Line Up for the end of France's 3rd COVID lockdown.
Salamech is an artist that has always been very influenced by graffiti and inspired by the urban culture. He's a keen watcher of the street and its rhythm and he then translated this into strong images that constitute his work. Colorful pieces and a very particular style of lettering define his universe that he paints in many different types of support. In the case of the 34 degrees festival the support was a bridge, and the huge work took almost a week to complete in June and it's very impressive. Don't hesitate to cross the bridge on foot and see the two side of the bridge as well as its interior. I advise you to park your car in the McDonald’s restaurant just next to the bridge.

Instagram Salamech: https://www.instagram.com/salamech_85/
Officiel Page: https://salamechgraffiti.com/
Instagram 34 Degres: https://www.instagram.com/34degres/
Instagram LineUp: https://www.instagram.com/lineup_urbanart/
Created on June 21, 2021
16 Rue du Labournas, 34990 Juvignac, France

Hunted by Movie Scientist. Pictures by MovieScientist.

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