The urban art project Arte em Partes (Art in Parts) is the result of the combination of urban art and the tradition of tiles. The aim was to take a modern approach to a Portuguese art of great national and international prominence.
Five pieces averaging 2 metres in height were created using various types of tile, in a mixture of recycling and reuse and the creation of new objects, as part of the continuation of the Des_romaria art project, which pays homage to our traditions and pilgrimages.
The project was developed and created by graphic designer Ricardo Ferreira of the Artmatriz Association and artist Tó Lira, with the full support of Viana do Castelo Town Council. This piece consists of 204 pieces.

Created on July 27, 2023
R. de Olivença 26, 4900-337 Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Hunted by Anita.
Pictures by Anita Zeilstra.

Marker details

CommissionedCâmara Municipal de Viana do Castelo
Date created2023-07-27T23:00:00.000Z
Camera usedSamsung SM-A515F
PhotographerAnita Zeilstra
Artwork typeMosaic
Artist nationalityPortugal
Artwork styleCeramic
Artwork subjectLocal Heritage, history
Surface typeOutside wall
Marker typeartwork
CityViana do Castelo