Ayrton Senna,The Legend of Brazil - 2015

In 2015, ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, the artist saw his dream come true when the driver´s family officially authorized a portrait of the F1 hero. Kobra was invited to visit the Ayrton Senna Institute to browse the archive there. He had already painted Senna´s face and whole body, sometimes inside the car, other times celebrating on the podium, so for this large mural, painted onto a building on the corner of Paulista and Consolação Avenues, he decided to focus on his idol´s eyes. "That was all it took. The eyes alone reveal exactly who he was."
Created on January 1, 1970
Praça José Molina - Consolação, São Paulo - SP, Brasil
Hunted by Angela .

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D90
Date created1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CitySao Paolo