Daniel Eime
is a talented brush master that combines stencils, dripping and realism to depict works showcasing strange characters, with enigmatic gazes. His work in Caldas da Rainha, is a part of his The Last Portraits series that close’s a stencil portraits cycle with more then 12 years.
Falu Festival 2020

Created on June 14, 2021
R. do Cel. Soeiro de Brito 12, 2500 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Hunted by Stefaan Tanghe.
Pictures by https://www.instagram.com/street_art_travels_/.

Marker details

Artwork typeStencil
Artist nationalityPortugal
FestivalFalu Festival 2020
Date created2021-06-14T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityCaldas da Rainha