THE LAST FRANCISCAN Project Stützwerk Farbe Column 8

8th Column of project Stützwerk Farbe, which is partially sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City. The aim of the project is to design as much as possible of the grey concrete columns of Helbingbrücke, which is a bridge of highway A40 next to Essen’s main station. 
The mural refers to the Franciscans, who have a long pastoral tradition in Essen, especially in the South Eastern neighbourhood. This Franziscus, hands folded in prayer, was painted in dark colours. His reality is splitted, all those seraphim wings shielding him, do not help. The truth is: the question why so many stay hungry remains unanswered. 
Created on June 29, 2021
Weiglestraße 39, 45128 Essen, Deutschland

Hunted by Andrea Ranke. Pictures by Andrea Ranke (06/2021) Andrea Ranke (29.05.2021).

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