A piece created by swiss artist Maja Hürst aka TIKA and represents the city of Basel. 

It's full of symbolism. Here you have a detailed explanation: A basilisk is a snakelike animal with a rooster head. it's the symbol of Basel where the mural is also situated, close to the main-train-station at the Steinentor. In this mural, the basilisk and its applied alutape scales (which are holding strong after all these years!) depict the green Rhine during summer when people float down its fresh crystal-blue water with their belongings in waterproofed bags. The combination of the turquoise and red also was inspired by a big fire, the Sandoz Chemical Spill, which happened in 1986 in a pharma factory close to Basel which released toxic agrochemicals into the air and resulted in tons of pollutants entering the Rhine river, turning it red. The chemicals caused massive mortality of wildlife downstream, killing, among other animals, a large proportion of the European eel population in the Rhine.
Created on December 31, 2014
Steinentorstrasse 45, 4051 Basel, Suiça
Hunted by Tiago Melo.
Pictures by @tiagomelx.

Marker details

Date created2014-12-31T23:00:00.000Z
Camera usedSony DSC-HX60V
Marker typeartwork