I have been asked several times recently if the walls at Lüneburger- / Sybel- / Frankfurter straße are legal walls and a hall of fame. To be honest, I have no idea, but I don’t think so. I assume that these walls will soon be torn down because construction is going to take place there. So, with the permission of the owner, a number of local artists joined to show how diverse the district is with a clear message: „We have a dream“ – „Hakuna matata“ – „In the hood“. A new open air gallery for all residents with the dream: NO WORRIES, NO FEAR IN THE HOOD 
Created on April 30, 2021Removed
Sybelstraße 50, 45145 Essen, Deutschland

Hunted by Andrea Ranke. Pictures by (Andrea Ranke (05/2021).