Project called "Spazi capaci / comunita capaci", curated by Alessandro de Lisi and produced by the Giovanni Falcone foundation and the Ministry of Education on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the assassination of Giovanni Falcone. Falcone was a Sicilian judge and anti-mafia campaigner.
This project (public art against the mafia in Palermo), will last 3 years till 2023 and will present different art works.
Andrea Buglisi will also create a mural for Paolo Borsellino. Another Sicilian judge who was killed by the mafia in 1992.

Update 19/07/21:
The Portal of the Giants (la Porta dei Giganti) is completed with the mural of Paolo Borsellino.

Created on May 1, 2021
Via Duca della Verdura, 115, Palermo, PA, Italia
Hunted by Francesca Pau.
Pictures by Andrea Buglisi.

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