Flight of the Flamingos at St Eloi Hospital

At the end of February Ad.Ec created a long fresco for the CHU Montpellier at the St Eloi Hospital behind the Hematology wing with the participation of patients and caregivers of several of the hospital departments (Hematology, Addictology, Oncology). The project is supported by LineUp Urban Art Association
The scenes represented were imagined by patients and hospital staff and have been painstakingly integrated in this 80m long fresco! If you take the time to count them you’ll find 23 flamingos, a turtle, an octopus, fishes and more than 100 characters that tell us many, many stories. Not to be missed!

AD.Ec's Biography (
adapted from LineUp site)
Adec has been living in the Gard region of Cévenol Piedmont in the small village of Logrian since 2013. He discovered painting through urban art in the 2000s, in Paris. He went to live in Brussels from 2005 to 2012 where he graduated from the Van der Kelen Institute (trompe l'oeil school). The construction of his work is based on a set of lines and colors that forms a certain balance and offers an overall reading. But his work is also done at a double level because it is full of superpositions and overlays that allow to discover elements that remain hidden at first glance. Adec composes with different tools or techniques (paint sprays, brushes or rollers, engravings, inks, collage but also sculpture, welding). Inspired by the human being, he made it a recurring theme in his work. Since 2019 he works on series around inhabited animals, mainly pink flamingos one of the most emblematic animals of the region.

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Created on March 7, 2021
250 Rue du Truel, 34090 Montpellier, France
Hunted by Movie Scientist.
Pictures by MovieScientist.

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