Teenage Dreams...

Probably the most famous and significant piece of street art in Belfast, this piece appeared overnight, following the death of Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Peel championed The Undertones single 'Teenage Kicks' catapulting the whole NI punk scene on to a global stage and as a result was a hero to the the NI punk scene and the broader 'outsider arts' scene here.  'Teenage Dreams so hard to Beat' is the first line of the song and also on Peel's gravestone.

For people who sit outside the traditional binary norms of the NI conflict this piece was seminal. In a city filled with murals of division and conflict, here was a wall that spoke of punk, the great F**k You to the divided establishment. A wall that spoke of teenage dreams and rebellion, painted illegally in tribute to a spokesperson for outsiders, taken before his time.

In 2014 when the DfC were doing a clean up of the area they painted over this piece. Following a significant public outcry it was repainted legally, with the reference to John Peel removed and launched by the Lord Mayor. So it's not quite the anti-establishment statement it once was but it's a massive piece of the Belfast Street Art story.

Created on April 30, 2015
2 Strand Walk, Belfast BT5 4TB, UK

Hunted by Adam Turkington.