Irony's first visit to Belfast for Hit the North 2015 was not a smooth one. The plan was to paint the wall that he subsequently painted on Garfield Street the following year, but this year there was a technical issue. An elevator booked for the original job broke down and we weren't able to find a replacement. This wall was found and permission secured in an hour and so we managed to salvage something from the trip. In fact we didn't just salvage something, this piece is one of the most popular pieces ever painted at the festival.

The model's earring is painted by Louis Massai. Louis finished his wall in Library Street for the 2015 festival early and was keen to do more, so the space to the right of this Irony piece became his second piece which he covered in coral and tied to to Irony's piece with the coral earring. Unfortunately most of the coral is badly damaged now but the Irony piece largely remains

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Created on September 18, 2015Removed
24 Berry St, Belfast BT1, UK
Hunted by Adam Turkington.

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Date created2015-09-18T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedSony ILCE-7S
Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited Kingdom