Falcon Dreaming

Falcon Dreaming features a peregrine falcon in flight. New York City has the largest urban population of peregrine falcons anywhere in the world which is why I choose to feature it. It’s a creature which has adapted to thrive alongside us, and overcome near extinction to do so. The falcon itself is literally created with images and symbols of the natural world that are hidden all around us, from fungi & coral to mycelium webs; added with my iconic shapes which signify particles found on the quantum levels of life. Falcon Dreaming points to the often unseen natural world of Manhattan. Falcons traditionally symbolize victory, success, and rising above challenging situations, principles that New York City has embodied historically, and must embrace now more than ever.

The second stage of Falcon Dreaming brings the dream of the falcon to life, I partnered with techart studio HEAVY to produce an immersive Augmented Reality performance that takes each viewer on a hyper-real exploration of our connection to the natural world, ourselves, and the people around us. Each stage of the experience is a stand-alone work of art complete with a dedicated soundtrack created by Australian composer @animal_feelings Oli Chang. The album for Falcon Dreaming will be released early 2021.

All photos by @just_a_spectator
Created on December 31, 2020
1345 6th Avenue, New York, NY, USA
Hunted by Sarah Sansom.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork
CityNew York City
CountryUnited States