Un autre monde

The wall belong to the "rina's bakery" and its face to a small kindergarden and nursery, so there is  a lot of kids passing by.
So because i dreamed for a long time to paint a tall matrioska on a wall but never get a taller wall enough since i got the idea.
I took this opportinitie  with this wall that was enough tall to do it,
to create my matrioska and because i love the symbolism and the cuteness of the maneki neko , i create a whole fantasy création with this both high symbolic and well know figure from two différent country and culture.
The wall is representing the familly /frienship core, which are the social basement of our human society.
The big matrioska has inside her a realistic maneki neko.
 The realistic maneki neko is the real world, so the real you, i and us, and the rest of the wall is our imagination, inner creative world, our soul
Both are connected by the plant and flower meaning that reality and imagination are both deeply linked and allow us to hope, to create, to built , to dream.
The colors are soft and bright, very eyes catching, the characters are cute, playfull, so the kids  and the adults that are looking at this wall can just imagine many story about it.
All the local people were very pleased about this wall, and it was the first big wall in this location.
So i am happy that i bring this positiv feeling and happy that i make my dream come true, i believe that you should try to make your dream(or some of them) come true, even the little dream.
Created on February 13, 2021
4 Allée d'Aveiro, 18000 Bourges, Frankrijk

Hunted by Tim Marschang. Pictures by Courtesy of the artist Courtesy of the artist.