Graffopost vol. 4

The main inspiration of this art piece is the environment of the animals – all the small ones, insects and plant species - which is always under threat. Their only mission is to do their own little jobs that play such an important role to making the Earth as balanced as it should be. As humans, we still have time to try harder, to make the world a safer place by cleaning the oceans, using biodegradable plastics, preventing the air pollution and choosing free energy resources in our daily life.
The artist painted with graphic images the transformer station in the school yard of 41.Primary School Patriarh Evtimii and engaged the children's attention with her presence. 

All of the above are just a small walk away if everyone would walk together." - shares the author.
Producer: VISIONARY / https://visionary.foundation

Created on April 12, 2018
ul. "Tsar Samuil" 24, 1000 Sofía, Bulgaria
Hunted by Visionary Foundation.
Pictures by Mihaela Draganova, Mihaela Draganova.

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Date created2018-04-12T22:00:00.000Z
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