First intervention within the project "Irpinia 1980-2020: author's perspectives", retrospective
cultural event full of events commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the 1980 earthquake in Irpinia. On the facade
of the Lioni railway station and created by the artist Antonio Sena, already active in Irpinia with other murals.
The title of the work is "LEGAMI": a reflection on the condition of women in the early twentieth century,
when marriage by proxy was widespread, especially in the deep south of Italy.
According to this time in the popular district of Campo Bergamo, also in Lioni, to strengthen the bond
between the local community and the Bergamo one. It is "Folle", the last street art work to appear in the country
of Upper Irpinia, which has now become an authentic open-air museum. The signature is by Collettivo Fx and NemO's,
artists engaged in social work with numerous works in the suburbs around the world and in prisons thanks
to the "Don't tell me right" initiative.
Donated by the people of Bergamo to the Lyons, Campo Bergamo is one of the symbols of the great movement of solidarity that
characterized the immediate after earthquake. A solidarity never forgotten by the community of Lioni that a
forty years after the earthquake, the pain for the loss of so many human lives has seen renewed in the images of
pandemic that severely hit the province of Bergamo and all of Northern Italy.
Created on December 29, 2020
Viale Citta di Bergamo, 2E, 83047 Lioni AV, Italia
Hunted by Antonio Sena.
Pictures by Antonio Sena.

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Date created2020-12-29T23:00:00.000Z
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