Thinking inside the box

This legend in the urban art scene worked for the first time in Belgium.

As early as 2002, Bond TruLuv became interested in graffiti art and began experimenting with different techniques while studying anthropology. In 2010 he studied painting at the University of Arts in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, and has since worked as a freelance artist, traveling the world to create his three-dimensional designs that are impressive in lighting and depth.

A multimedia artist
Bond TruLuv's works in public space harmonize with their surroundings. The color of the environment determines the nuance of the work and the atmosphere of the environment is reflected in the stylistic idiom. The artist illuminates his murals with light sources, films and photographs them, and transforms his graffiti art into a multimedia installation. He also applies his refined technique to his works on canvas, which show futuristic figures and fantasy worlds with incredible depth and clarity. A recurring figure of his works made with spray and acrylic paint is a robot model of a 3D software that questions our identity formation in the digital age.
An internationally recognized artist
Bond TruLuv has made a name for itself with more than 30 international exhibitions. His works can be seen throughout Germany, including Munich, Leipzig or Hamburg, but also internationally in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, India, Indonesia or Japan.
Created on August 21, 2021
Schoonboeke 11, 9600 Ronse, Belgium
Hunted by Tim.

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Camera usedOnePlus IN2023
Date created2021-08-21T00:00:00.000Z
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