Big Fishing Expedition-La Peche au Gros + Nasa Chimp

Big Fishing Expedition-La Peche au Gros + Nasa Chimp
Young Montpellier Illustrators/Painter/Designers Nazu and Nico finished one of their first walls in the Montpellier's Open-Air Gallery of the Quai du Verdanson in the nick of time just before we were all send back into lockdown in France. They had a bit of pressure and they delivered. I was lucky enough to visit the Verdanson while they were doing it so you can see some WIP photos in this entry :-)
Nazu's work is the old fisherman fishing for big, big fish in the Verdanson. You can see that for someone so young his skill and technique is spotless. The old men expression, the detail on his clothes, so good.
Nico's work just next to it is a very cool Nasa chimp in space and if you can take your time spotting all the amazing detail of his drawing. So, so cool!
On top of being top notch artists these guys are really, really nice and Nazu didn't hesitate to have a little break from putting the final touches on his portrait to come and speak to me and my friends. I've met him again in the streets of Montpellier after that and there could no nicer guy. Merci Baptiste!

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Quai du Verdanson, Montpellier, France

Hunted by Movie Scientist. Pictures by MovieScientist.

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