Giro di vite / (Turn of the Screw)

Created by Andrea Buglisi alias BUG_.TV in 2019 and is a part of the MURI di MARE Project - New mural in Terrasini.
It represents a carpenter's vis that balances an egg.
One more turn of the screw and the egg would shatter, one less and it would fall.
It is a reflection on theissues of precariousbalance, resistance and contrast, but it also has a political meaning as the term "crackdown" generally refers to the increased punishment of a specific crime. Its use has become common in every human sphere when it comes to any hardening of a norm or a way of behaving. Its etymology derives from a type of death sentence practiced in Spain: the garrote. In this type of condemnation, infact, at every turn of the screw an iron circle tightened to the throat of the condemned man to the point of causing death by strangulation.

Created on August 20, 2019
Via Enzo Randisi, 60, Terrasini, PA, Italia
Hunted by Francesca Pau.

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Date created2019-08-20T22:00:00.000Z
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