Under the 'Generaal Lemanstraat' 3 artists pimped a little bike tunnel.
“The project was waiting me a long time ago”, says SMOK, or Bart Boudewijns. “It was just too much work to do alone. The drawing had to be done quickly to cause as little disruption as possible. " He therefore enlisted the help of two colleagues: Eltipo and K.SHIT. “All three of us have our own style. I work quite realistically. Eltipo usually starts from text and K.SHIT mainly works abstractly. We looked for a basic idea from which all three of us could leave: the water. Because this tunnel is located between the future Brialmont Park and the Wezenberg swimming pool. I myself incorporated some animals that you can find in the park. ”
Created on September 27, 2020
82, Generaal Lemanstraat, 2600 Antwerpen, Belgium
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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Camera usedOnePlus IN2023
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