Momies x Maye_Marché du Lez

Very cool and exquisite collaboration between local artists Maye and Momies. It's always a pleasure to know that even quite known artists like Maye and Momies, issued from the graff world, still like to come back to their old hang outs and just have fun with their friends. 
 This is the case of this wall located under the bridge, on the margins of the Lez just before arriving at Marché du Lez, the new Montpellier place to be. Their names blazes are just WOW and when you get close by you can see their obvious control and artistry. You have the traditional elongated Maye character and the detail is just unbelievable. Check out the leaves forming the character’s beard, the hand with the graff can, the mechanical detail of some of his members.
As a bonus just before arriving on this wall you have the ones from CHABEUH and his pal U.Blast. Triple Yummy!! Enjoy!


Created on August 12, 2020Removed
13 Rue des Acconiers, 34000 Montpellier, France

Hunted by Movie Scientist.