A mural about ways we interact with the world around us. Processes of self-protection, blind spots of perception toward each other and the natural world around us-and the absurdity of human nature, especially in these current times.
The mural portrays two figures, exposed, yet partially shielded by masks, sitting in a field, handling feathers - accompanied by two birds (cockatoos). One bird has plucked its own feathers, as sometimes happens when birds are forced into captivity.
Jacoba has for years been using masks in her work to portray the barriers or glasses (perceptions) we carry.
A project realized through funds with the local municipality-branch in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, created after inspirational meetings with the buildings residents and talks at a knitting club for the district's older population. Input from locals included and interest in the meeting point between nature and human landscapes, non-stereotyping, and lgbt+ friendly themes. The mural is located centrally in Copenhagen, on Trianglen, Østerbro (Blegdamsvej 31, 2100 Copenhagen) at the entrance to one of the city's largest parks. It was painted during Østerbro Åben Festival, a new festival for local cultural shapers and venues in the district. As part of the mural process, an artist talk was held at the ENIGMA museum, to spark a longer-term discourse on the development, possibilities and challenges of art in the public space in Copenhagen and elsewhere. For the talk, we also invited Doug Gillen from Fifth Wall TV to give his input on trends and challenges abroad.

Created on October 25, 2020
Blegdamsvej 31, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

Marker details

Date created2020-10-25T23:00:00.000Z
Camera usedHuawei ELE-L29
Marker typeartwork