Grandma Eve

This is a portrait of my Grandma Eve holding some leaflets that were bought back from Thailand by my Grandpa David where he was held as a Prisoner of War in Nong Pladuk camp between 1943-45 during WW2. He had persuaded the POW commandant to release his group from work on the Thailand-Burma railway, later known as death railway, so they could create theatrical / musical performances on a hand built bamboo stage, in a bid to keep up spirits in the desperate and squalid camp conditions. The last picture shows one of the original leaflets depicting a caricature of my grandpa by Jan van Holthe. This little piece of salvaged history is a reminder of how even in the most horrific situation, creativity can provide a vital lifeline or a mode of survival.
Created on August 17, 2019
614 Washington Street, Lynn, MA, USA
Hunted by Julia Midland.
Pictures by Creative Collective.

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