René Brink is an artist
Dutch-Australian based today in
Paris. At first self-taught, he began to
study graphics and illustration in order to
learn new techniques and
master new media.
Having cut his teeth in Australia with
more than fifteen walls, he is invited
since 2018 to paint in the world
Having developed a very
recognizable. He is inspired by his
travels, and stages
atypical characters in
themes revolving around nature.
Embrace nature
René Brink's wall represents a
lanky character holding in his
hands a precious and fragile terrarium. This
very detailed character questions the
passers-by as to the fate of nature
over the coming years.
What place for nature? When
will it be plant species and
animals that we know in the
The work “Embrasse la nature” us
reminds us that it is our responsibility to respect
and preserve biodiversity.
more infos : https://billetterie.labelvalettefest.com

Created on July 22, 2020
11 Rue de Greven, 45200 Montargis, France

Hunted by Fabe Collage. Pictures by fabecollage fabecollage.