This Is Us - Collective Work

It was the first time that the students of the “George Apostu” Art High School have gone out of their workshops to take over the streets and paint the walls of their own city. Each of them has brought his or her unique contribution to the collective work, approaching themes and elements that are of interest to them, that inspire them, and define their artistic vision.

It is a unique initiative carried out during the 3rd edition of the ZidArt Festival. The artwork covers 106 square meters and took 10 days to complete. It’s rather a collage than a unitary piece of street art, showcasing their uniqueness, artistic taste, and style. Each piece of the “puzzle” has its own story- some are inspired by nature or the Romanian folklore and its fairytales, others by well-known artists such as Van Gogh, while some of them are the reflection of the innermost thoughts and emotions of these very talented young artists.

Created on September 17, 2020
Școala Gimnazială ”Constantin Platon”, Strada 9 Mai, Bacău, România

Hunted by Zidart Fest. Pictures by Ovidiu Ronin for ZidArt 2020 - DomiNow.