Duality in Unity

The first step on the path of evolving is becoming aware. The painting is an abstract representation of the pattern that governs our lives. Nature without any corner whatsoever. The 3D dimension that we’re aware of right now, at this point of our existence, and that manifests itself as the duality between +/- is nothing more than a game of our judgment of what we perceive as being “bad” and “good”. Two opposing worlds that somehow coexist. Each of us is equally bad and good. The infinite variations between convex and concave make for a world without corners. It’s a world of imperfection, where all of us are seeking our special place, just like pieces of a puzzle within a larger picture. By looking at the world through the micro/macro lens, we’ll find everything enclosed into a pattern, fractal-like organized chaos that contains itself the same way a toroidal object is thrown into a perpetual state of movement does.

This artwork covers 120 square meters and was created for the 3rd edition of the ZidArt festival, using only air-purifying paint.
Created on August 30, 2020
Strada Milcov 10, Bacău, România
Hunted by Zidart Fest.
Pictures by Bragovski for ZidArt 2020 - DomiNow.

Marker details

Date created2020-08-30T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork