Time forward

Alexander Stan, Nizhny Novgorod
Alexander is a renowned graffiti writer and graphic designer, he possesses extensive experience in graffiti, painting of letters and recognizable persons. He is the founder and editor of the iconic graffiti catalogue Urban Roots which has become almost the one and only inspiring media resource for several generations of street artists. Alexander stays in touch with many international artists and tells about bright examples of the world practices.
The work on Neftekamsk Machinery Colleges garages is implemented comprising two temporary font areas, graffiti and lettering. Both are related to painting of letters. Graffiti is normally painting of a name, a nickname or a team name, whereby lettering is painting of a certain word. Alexander himself defines such symbiosis as ‘street lettering’. 
‘Time forward’ lettering is a rephrase of Jack London’s ‘Burning daylight’ (‘Time is not waiting’ in Russian version) and is dedicated to Neftekamsk youth. The timescale paradigm moves only forward for us and is related to our development, growing up and getting older. When you are young, you perceive time differently, you have a lot of ambitions and ideas, it seems like sometimes you do not have enough time for some of them.

Iskra Urban Fest 2020
project created and curated by Supernova Art Embassy
Created on July 27, 2020Removed
проспект Ленина, 66, Нефтекамск, Россия
Hunted by Supernova Art Embassy.
Pictures by Vitaly Kim.

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Date created2020-07-27T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedApple iPhone 11 Pro
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