Cutting off unnecessary

Basil LST, Irkutsk
The most traditional object where the children musical school is located. Many experts quote this school building as an example of classic architecture, and it was required to emphasize its functionality.
Vasily chose the way of the famous quote – to cut off all the unnecessary. It was the shapeless marble chunks which the musical instruments are cut from in the plot of the picture. The instruments themselves are made by a labor-intensive craft using the knowledge transferred by generations of craftsmen. The quality of an instrument depends on the quality of raw materials. 
But this is not enough. Not every musician is able to make an instrument sound in full. Therefore, it is the virtuosity of a musician’s skills that defines the unique sound of an instrument as well as it happens with the marble having its fibers and chips.

Iskra Urban Fest 2020
project created and curated by Supernova Art Embassy
Created on July 27, 2020
Социалистическая улица, 45б, Нефтекамск, Россия
Hunted by Supernova Art Embassy.
Pictures by Dmitry LIL-DEE.

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