In front of you

Anatoly Akue, Moscow
Anatoly is one of founding fathers of Russian graffiti culture. He started as early as in 1997 and throughout these many years he still gravitates towards turbulent energy of graffiti. He is a fan of meditation practices which are reflected in his artistic works. He is equally successful in graphics, abstract art, ceramics, and figurative plots. 
The work is inspired by simple, common things which are around us daily. The plot has references to the worldwide lockdown as the fuss around us has calmed down leaving space for more eternal values.
Meditative and balanced plot contains simple grassland plants and a lot of air. These are the things we stop noticing and appreciating in our courtyards. The color solutions are simple and basic referring to the rich nature of Bashkir region with its specialty colors.

Iskra Urban Fest 2020
project created and curated by Supernova Art Embassy
Created on July 27, 2020
проспект Ленина, 25, Нефтекамск, Россия

Hunted by Supernova Art Embassy. Pictures by Dmitry LIL-DEE.