Collective mind

Danila Shozy, Moscow
The artist works with large scale optical illusions. Most frequently he covers facades with polyethylene tape and cuts the plots through it. He is renowned for his approaches and experiments with architectural fractures, perspectives, and human angles of aspect.
Lenin street promenade of optical illusions starts with this work. The line of sight is oriented at pedestrians, the best angle is from across the street where the whole plot becomes visible and integral (look for the mark).
Geometrical fractures in the building façade are inhabited by industrious bees filling the fracture space cell by cell. Bees are the bright image of Bashkir culture as well as a bright example of collective mind and labor whereby tiny efforts of a single unit creates a comfortable effect for everyone, and the result grows in arithmetical or even geometrical progression. Similarly, small efforts and responsibility of each citizen make the town more comfortable for everyone. 

Iskra Urban Fest 2020
project created and curated by Supernova Art Embassy
Created on July 27, 2020
проспект Ленина, 58, Нефтекамск, Россия
Hunted by Supernova Art Embassy.
Pictures by Dmitry LIL-DEE.

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