Memorandum 2020 - Poste Restante by Basil LST (Irkutsk)

Street art phenomena, unlike the street art self-taught artists, Vasily is a disciple of a strong academic background. His tool set and performance techniques are surprising and not limited to classics, his creative process snags with craftsmanship. 

Still life subject includes several layers of sacrosanct meanings: historical date, abandoned things, front line soldiers’ attributes and contemporary common life details. The Victory Day is a milestone connecting heroic acts of old generations with achievements of modern ones.

Victory topic is reflected by symbols of two ages: wartime attributes and modern relics, memory carriers. A magna cum laude diploma as an achievement of the modern generation, as this alternative appeared only in the times of peace, education, development prospects, personal and professional growth as choices.

Realities of the past do not necessarily fit the contemporary context, for instance, the photo frame is much bigger that the memorial photo because in today’s world format all we have left are torn pieces of the letters from the frontline and tiny wartime photos as pieces of memory filled with great meaning and human warmth which is critical to keep. Whereas the importance of these relics eventually gets more new meanings and contemplating of importance of our predecessors’ achievements for today’s generation. 

Memorandum 2020
project created and curated by Supernova Art Embassy
Created on May 7, 2020
Юбилейный пр., 15, Нефтекамск, Россия
Hunted by Supernova Art Embassy.
Pictures by Vitaly Kim.

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