Portrait of TH TechnoBoy

Very cool hyper realistic portrait by Matthieu Koga aka @koga.one done for the last Nimes Urban Art Festival Expo de Ouf. Koga is a Multi-media and multi-technique artist-painter from Metz.
His work leaves a strong impression on the viewer with its dark irony, a varied palette and unusual and even disturbing combinations. He distorts a life scene, displaces or deforms fragments, or even combines / opposes photo-realism to a more raw and expressionist painting.  Through his contrasts of shapes, colors or materials, he plays with the notion of realism, which he stretches to abstraction.  These contrasting ideas are then frozen, under the brush, in a definitive visual unity.  It is a way of discovering and accepting the singular beauty that reveals itself in hesitation, the unfinished, imperfection (source www.expodeouf.fr). 
Created on September 9, 2020
41 Rue de l'Enclos Rey, Nîmes, France

Hunted by Movie Scientist.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork