"SOMOS SEMENTE", New wall by RESKATE for DESORDES CREATIVAS 2020, in Ordes (Galicia-Spain)

"SOMOS SEMENTE" / “We are seed”

New wall by RESKATE for DESORDES CREATIVAS 2020, in Ordes (Galicia-Spain)

Galicia, although it seems strange, was a land of olive trees. It is known that because of the Irmandiña Revolt (social revolt in the 15th century against abuses by the Galician nobility) the Catholic Monarchs intervened to weaken their economy and self-management. During his reign olive trees were uprooted and those that remained were subject to taxes that made their cultivation unsustainable.

Another historical event known as the "taming and castration of Galicia" that they carried out in those years and that made a dent in the political, social and cultural drift of the coming centuries in Galicia as a nation without a state. A repression that affected all areas and that can show certain socio-cultural, political and economic tendencies in Galicia today.

Nowadays the cultivation of olive trees is being promoted in various parts of Galicia and it seems that one of the producers of Ordes could present its olive oil in 2021.

Perhaps remembering the beginning of a decline can help to envision a better future, more autonomous, dignified and proud.

Pics by A.L.CREGO
Curated by Mutante Creativo

Created on August 22, 2020
Lugar Guindibo Riba, 32, 15689 Ordes, A Coruña, España
Hunted by Mutante Creativo.
Pictures by A.L.CREGO.

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