New mural by MAZ for DESORDES CREATIVAS in Ordes (Galicia-Spain)

New mural by MAZ in Ordes (Galicia) for Desordes Creativas

In his own words: 
"Smoke screens and environmental indigestion in a scenario where the industry saves us from the industry promoting weak points as future successes" 

A very necessary mural in a region that was, is and is intended to continue to be a TERRITORY OF SACRIFICE. Where polluting industries (mining, electrointensive, incineration ...) roam freely with the approval of the elites and the powers that be while the neighbors cry out to heaven for the umpteenth time to let us live healthy and in peace, without deteriorating the quality of life of the region and the health of its inhabitants.

Curated by Mutante Creativo.
Pics by A.L.CREGO
Created on August 22, 2020
N-550, 3, 15689 Órdenes, La Coruña, España
Hunted by Mutante Creativo.
Pictures by A.L.CREGO.

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D7000
Date created2020-08-22T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork