The Whisper

Two girls under the sea, surrounding by mythological fishes, anémones and sea plants. One is speaking to the other in the ear, we can appreciate that this is a secret, but can’t hear it, just to see what’s happening, 
You gotta love the duality between the senses. You can’t hear what’s told, but you see it and imagine it. 
They are queens of the sea, as if they were deciding a state issue.

Lula choose this idea because this wall is located in front of a fresh food market, in Galicia this kind of markets are linked  to the sea. 

Vigo is a coast Atlantic city, with a strong connection to the ocean. A powerful and some times hard ocean.

This painting is included in the schedule “Vigo ciudad de color 2020”.
Created on September 8, 2020
Avenida da Florida, 45, Vigo, España
Hunted by Yoli Costas (IG: @mirartenlapared).
Pictures by Yoli Costas.

Marker details

Date created2020-09-08T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedApple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Marker typeartwork