The mural was done during Strad'Art Festival's second edition, in july 2020, which main theme was "solidarity".

"We wanted to express our gratitude towards the people who work in the health field, that by their nature are willing to help and care for the others. Their work is even harder and more at risk during the pandemic.
The rose symbolizes the respect and honor, which are a bind between patients and the health professionals.
The title, “Hope”, represents our trust in those wonderful people,  that they will solve in a positive way all the medical problems that will occur." Bogdan Cazacincu & Alin Mihail  

Created on July 25, 2020
Gas Peco, Strada Hidrocentralei, Târgu Jiu, Romania

Hunted by Strad'Art Romania. Pictures by Daniel Pădure Gil Diaconescu Florin Rotaru.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork
CityTârgu Jiu