Tour Elentrik - Autumn's Wolf

This piece depicts a beautiful creature, the wolf, amidst an autumn forest.

Wolves are highly intelligent and loyal animals that live in packs, where they form strong social bonds with one another. The painting’s aim is to capture the wolf's natural beauty, strength, and grace.

As an admirer of nature, I believe that the beauty of the bright autumn leaves against a clear blue sky never fails to bring joy. The piece should remind us of a cosy autumn day. The contrasting orange and blue are also used in the wolf to convey a sense of harmony between the animal and its environment.
The painting is a celebration of nature.

Dit kunstwerk maakt deel uit van "Tour Elentrik". Dit zijn landelijke stadsvernieuwingsprojecten waarbij oude en lelijke stroom en nutskasten worden opgeknapt door lokale creatievelingen en professionele kunstenaars uit het Treepack-netwerk.
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Festival Tour Elentrik
Organization Treepack
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This artwork is part of "Tour Elentrik". These are nationwide city renewal projects where old and ugly power and utility boxes are being revamped by local creatives and professional artists from the Treepack network.
More information:
Festival Tour Elentrik
Organization Treepack
More information Tour Elentrik / Treepack: via Google

Created on June 14, 2023
August Nihoulstraat 15, 3270 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, België
Hunted by Lisa.

Marker details

Artist nationalityBelgium
Date created2023-06-14T22:00:00.000Z
FestivalTour Elentrik
Marker typeartwork