"A Window to the Past"
 A few years ago on social media I saw a photo posted by Vincenzo Samperi, a friend who is passionate about photography, this photo portrayed an ancient washhouse located in Piazza Roma in the 60s; this image immediately seemed familiar to me and suddenly the memories of the stories of my mother and especially of my sister Sara surfaced. The latter, in fact, being a little older than me, had lived that period more intensely, thus keeping clearer memories. She often told me how tiring it was to go to that washhouse to wash clothes, also having to take care of us younger brothers (I am the youngest of eight children), how much this activity took away time and space from the women of the time. But she also told how much, despite the fatigue, the time was pleasantly spent in joy among stories, sketches, songs, children's games and the laughter of the other women, who, like her, carried out the same task and with whom they exchanged secrets and advice. Remember my brothers who played under her watchful eye of her and me who, small and tired, fell asleep in the laundry basket ... stories full of nostalgia that refer to a simple and sincere world in which he was very strong the sense of community.
From this comes the inspiration and the desire to revive, through painting, a piece of the past that belongs to me and to us, hoping to awaken in the community the memories and sensations that this ancient photo has aroused in me.
Created on July 21, 2023
Via Roma, 146, 98036 Graniti ME, Italien
Hunted by Salvatore Romano.
Pictures by Piero Romano , Salvatore Romano.

Marker details

Camera usedSony ILCE-7M3
Artist nationalityItaly
FestivalArts Festival Graniti Murales 2023
Date created2023-07-21T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork