Part of a mural project called Speranza Verd: a triptych of murals created by ONIRO curated by Uovo alla Pop. Oniro's street art invades the Livorno coast with a widespread mural involving Donoratico, San Vincenzo and Venturina.
Oniro's works are characterized by dreamlike, surreal visions and investigate existential themes. They are an introspective journey aimed at searching for the invisible forces that move human beings and the universe , Oniro, an artist with surreal symbolist and innovative intuitions, gives birth to an unprecedented trilogy with the curatorship of the gallery owners.

The realization consists of 3 murals, or rather a "widespread mural", along the Via Aurelia starting from Donoratico, crossing San Vincenzo to get to Venturina Terme (hence the hashtag #aureliastreetart ). The leitmotif of the project is attention to the planet, reflections on climate change and environmental protection , themes treated through the artistic vision of the well-known street artist from Lazio,

On the wall of San Vincenzo we see a second essential "organ", the lungs, which are formed by a luxuriant forest that breathes and in which rivers arise in the bronchi . A wide-ranging work that conveys a sense of clear wind and solid, clean air, which is generous and nourishes all organisms.
Created on June 21, 2022
Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 140, 57027 San Vincenzo LI, Italië
Hunted by Tim.

Marker details

Date created2022-06-21T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedOnePlus 10 Pro
Marker typeartwork
CitySan Vincenzo