Memoria Argentina

Argentine Memory

This is the name of this mural, made by @ omarpanosetti.ilustraciones in 2010.

It is located on the corner of Corrientes and Reconquista in the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires.
The work was made in synthetic enamel.
Its dimensions are 5.82 meters by 4.20.
It is a joint initiative of AMIA and SIGEN (Governing Body of the Internal Control System under the Presidency) aimed at making "memory and demanding justice".
Let us remember today that 85 people died and another 300 were wounded by the terrorist attack, and the AMIA headquarters was totally destroyed.

Created on June 30, 2010
Av. Corrientes 402, C1043AAE CABA, Argentina

Hunted by Aldana Monaldi. Pictures by Aldana Monaldi.