Verdwenen werk

Hell'O is a duo of Belgian artists, Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille. Coming from the world of grafitti, they left behind the lettering and aerosol bombs for paper, painting, drawing with ink and installations.
Together, the two artists evolve in a rich and intiguing graphic universe, which develops unceasingly, multiplying the references. Strange animals, small characters and assexual creatures recall the fantastic world of fairy tales and fables. Their compositions evoke a oneiric and surrealist universe, mysterious and disturbing, through subjects such as cruelty, optimism, failure, hope and death.
The work of this duo of artists have been the subject of more than twnety solo exhibitions and about thirty group exhibitions, in Spain, Belgium, the United States, France and China, among others.
Created on July 27, 2020Removed
St-jansplein, Hasselt, België
Hunted by Kurt Bosmans.
Pictures by thiago struys kurt bosmans.

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Camera usedDJI FC220
Marker typeartwork