Me not steal the golden cookie

At the beginning of 2013, the “golden Leibniz biscuit” was stolen from the facade of the company headquarters of the pastry manufacturer Bahlsen. It is a gold-plated, around 20-kilogram representation of a Leibniz biscuit made of brass, which the sculptor Georg Herting created with the facade figures of Pretzel Men around 1910. In a letter of confession, which was accompanied by a photo of a stranger posing with the biscuit in a cookie monster costume, a chocolate biscuit donation was requested to a children's hospital in Hanover. Otherwise, the golden biscuit comes "to Oskar in the garbage can". After the donation of cookies, the Leibniz biscuit was returned. On behalf of Bahlsen, Philipp von Zitzewitz and Jascha Müller (BIRDbrain pictures) processed this story as a mural on the company gate.
Created on April 26, 2019
Lister Str. 3, 30163 Hannover, Deutschland
Hunted by Volker Kemmling.
Pictures by Volker Kemmling.

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