Blurry Eyes

It is hard to believe that Dan created the piece in just two days during the 2016 Hit the North Festival, especially when you learn that unlike many artists approaching large scale pieces, he doesn’t use any projection or gridding system. After initially creating a sketch, Dan approaches each wall freehand, by eye, straight on to the wall. This gives him the freedom to amend his original designs to fit the location perfectly - his skill level is simply incredible.

Essex-born Dan work is full of colour-filled urban scenes, and he is particularly gifted when it comes to emotive, wet city streets such as this. He is also greatly inspired by Japanese art and culture. In 2017 he created a work round the corner from Blurry Eyes called The Dream, a beautiful portrait of a geisha, which is sadly now gone.

Created on September 22, 2016
16 Talbot St, Belfast BT1 2NF, UK
Hunted by Adam Turkington.
Pictures by Jonny Ryder.

Marker details

Date created2016-09-22T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited Kingdom