Ponte d'arte sullo Jonio

Title of the complex: Art Bridge over the Ionian

The murals were created between 2020 and 2021 as part of the ‘Art and Coloured Cities’ initiative, which aims to regenerate degraded urban areas through street art.

Thanks to the initiative along the street, various street artists created numerous works with different styles and themes. Unfortunately, only a few of these works have survived the challenge of time.

The works of Foko127:

  • "Madre Natura del Ponte Jonio" (‘Mother Nature of the Jonian Bridge’), a long mural featuring flora, fauna (e.g. a frog, a sparrow) and the face of a woman whose hair becomes the roots of trees

  • A portrait of the Italian actor Enrico Montesano portrayed in the version of one of his most famous characters: Count Tacchia. Next to the character is written ‘A comedian has destroyed us... but a comedian will save us’.

The works of MA(+)MA:

  • a portrait celebrating Roman actor Gigi Proietti (born in the nearby Tufello district) portrayed in his iconic character ‘Mandrake’. Next to it, the inscription ‘To the black knight...’, a reference to a famous Proietti joke.

  • Carpe Diem, a mural reminiscent of the famous Latin inscription that can be translated as ‘seize the day’

Nero Opaco's mural, ‘Follow your dreams’ is dedicated to sport and especially skaters. Although partially damaged, it retains the original taste as even when it was first done it was fragmented with parts of bare wall where the mural was not made.

Tbo.on's work, ‘Rome for Peace’ contrasts the art of the capital's main monuments and symbols with the violence of war, represented by tanks

Created on June 2, 2024
Viale Jonio, 133, 00141 Roma RM, Italy
Hunted by Dedda3.

Marker details

Camera usedrealme 7
Artwork typeMural
Artist nationalityItaly
Artwork subjectActor, Art, Nature, Peace, Sport
OrganizationArte e città a colori
Marker typeartwork